About Dr. Shriganesh Barnela

Dr. Shriganesh Barnela is an accomplished nephrologist and kidney transplant specialist providing top-tier care to patients in Aurangabad. With over a decade of experience, Dr. Barnela has become a trusted expert in diagnosing and treating kidney disorders.

After extensive nephrology training at Hyderabad’s prestigious Mediciti Hospitals under renowned mentors, Dr. Barnela pursued an advanced fellowship at Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences in Lucknow. This specialized education established him as a leader in the intricate field of kidney transplantation.

Today, Dr. Barnela serves as a respected Nephrologist and Transplant Physician at leading hospitals in Aurangabad. He has been an integral part of over 800+  kidney transplants with excellent success rate, including complex procedures like pediatric, deceased donor, and ABO incompatible transplants.

In the Marathwada region, Dr. Barnela pioneered ABO incompatible transplantation, significantly expanding treatment options for patients. He also introduced cutting-edge Robotic Assisted kidney donation surgery, improving transplant safety and efficiency.

Beyond clinical work, Dr. Barnela actively promotes community kidney health. He founded “Kidneython,” a marathon spreading awareness and education. Dr. Barnela also established NEXTRA, an innovative kidney transplant registry enabling life-saving kidney exchanges.

Blending compassion and skill with the latest technological advances, Dr. Barnela provides the finest nephrology and transplant care. His patient-centric approach delivers tailored treatment plans for optimal outcomes. Dr. Barnela is committed to restoring health and giving hope to those impacted by kidney disease.

"With compassion and expertise, we can transform lives impacted by kidney disease."

- Dr. Barnela

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With over a decade of experience, Dr. Barnela provides accurate diagnosis and effective treatment for all kidney conditions. His extensive training under renowned mentors makes him a trusted expert.


Dr. Barnela offers the latest technology and pioneering procedures like ABO-incompatible transplants and robotic nephrectomy. He constantly pushes boundaries to improve care.


Blending medical excellence with empathy, Dr. Barnela develops customized treatment plans focused on improving quality of life. He treats each patient with care and understanding.

Pioneering Kidney Care

Dr. Barnela's impactful career is marked by remarkable achievements:

Visionary Work in the Spotlight

Dr. Barnela’s pioneering work in advancing kidney care has garnered widespread media coverage and accolades over the years. From introducing groundbreaking procedures like robotic kidney transplants to establishing innovative programs like NEXTRA, his visionary accomplishments have been featured in numerous news stories. We proudly highlight some of these clippings that have profiled Dr. Barnela’s passion for pushing boundaries and redefining what’s possible in nephrology and kidney transplantation. His work continues to make headlines today as he aims to transform outcomes for patients through creativity and expertise.