Moments that Matter

Glimpses into Comprehensive Care

Dedicated to the craft

The images reflect Dr. Barnela's tireless dedication spanning over a decade to advancing techniques and improving kidney care outcomes. Leading by example through skill enhancement trainings.

Guiding with compassion

More than a skilled clinician, the warmth in interactions reveals Dr. Barnela's patient-first ethos. Photos capturing his gift for reassuring and carefully explaining complex treatments.

Driven to make an impact

From medical conferences to public awareness marathons, these moments highlight Dr. Barnela's commitment to create change. Incisive insights on improving kidney health shape meaningful discussions.

Groundbreaking Advancements

Pushing Boundaries in Kidney Care

Dr. Barnela continuously strives to expand what is possible in nephrology and kidney care through innovations that tangibly improve outcomes. From pioneering procedures to integrating cutting-edge technology, he introduced several major advancements to the region.

Some pioneering highlights include:


  • ABO Incompatible Kidney Transplants – Safely enabling transplants across blood-type barriers.
  • Introduction of Robotic Assisted Donor Nephrectomy – Minimally invasive robotic kidney removal surgery.
  • Initiated Paired Kidney Donation Program – Life-saving swaps expanding matches.
  • Oversaw Youngest Kidney Transplant Recipient – Restoring quality of life at critical ages.

We recognize that images only go so far in showcasing the intricacies behind such pioneering procedures and programs. But the gallery offers a glimpse into groundbreaking innovations driven by scientific curiosity – and more importantly compassion.