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Hope, Health, and Healing - Our Kidney Care Services


Our center utilizes the latest dialysis machines and techniques to provide high-quality hemodialysis, removing wastes and excess fluid when the kidneys can no longer perform their function adequately. Our experienced nephrologists closely monitor each dialysis session and customize treatment plans by adjusting settings based on patient needs and changing conditions. We aim to make in-center dialysis as smooth and comfortable for patients as possible.

Pediatric Kidney Transplant

Our caring transplant team focuses on the specialized needs of infants, children and adolescents with end-stage kidney failure who are candidates for a kidney transplant. We conduct comprehensive pre-transplant workups and deliver tailored post-transplant management. Transplantation can enhance quality of life for children by reducing the need for dialysis. We partner with families throughout the process to ensure the best possible outcomes.

ABO Incompatible Kidney Transplant

For patients unable to identify an ABO blood-type compatible living donor, we expertly perform innovative ABO incompatible kidney transplants. Our protocols remove antibodies and reduce risk of rejection, overcoming blood-type barriers safely. This procedure expands options for patients and enables successful transplantation despite ABO incompatibility between donor and recipient.

AV Fistula Creation

Our vascular access surgeons create direct connections between arteries and veins, typically in the forearm, to allow for repetitive needle insertions during hemodialysis. These AV fistulas provide durable long-term hemodialysis access with lower risks of infections, clotting, and vein damage compared to other options. We determine optimal fistula locations and types tailored for each patient’s anatomy and needs.

Robotic Nephrectomy

Our urologic surgeons perform minimally invasive robotic kidney removal (nephrectomy) for transplant donors. The robotic platform offers enhanced visualization and precision when extracting a healthy donor kidney through tiny incisions. Robotic nephrectomy minimizes pain and scarring for donors while optimizing kidney function after transplant.

Kidney Biopsy

We obtain small samples of kidney tissue (biopsies) under imaging-guidance which are examined to determine and diagnose the cause of kidney disease. This informs our experts in designing the most effective treatment plan tailored for each patient based on biopsy findings. Kidney biopsy helps guide management of conditions from glomerular diseases to acute kidney injuries.